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I wanted to express my gratitude to all your wonderful staff who have made my granddaughter's time at your lovely school so enjoyable...  Grandparent January 2024


Just wanted to share our appreciation for Miss B-P; she has been so great in collaborating with us on my daughter's development. 

She's communicating regularly, points out what we can do to practice at home, building on what she's doing at school, and gives us support material to do so.

She is also sending regular homework, just the right amount, set for my daughter's level. We're progressing with spellings which are given out and tested regularly, also she's also on top of changing reading books... she's outstanding.  Parent January 2024


Have a good day

I wanted to say that after coming to parents evening it’s really amazed me at the progress my son has made in just 1 and a half terms at Collett. I appreciate that the start was a bit challenging, but I feel he has been supported so well in school and we are now in a much better place. Mrs Lulham has been amazing, she has helped me get set up with PECS cards and we now use a book at home and school. His communication is coming on so well using this every day we have noticed a huge difference at home. I definitely didn’t have the knowledge of how to use PECS correctly but Mrs Lulham has been more than happy to help me and this has been the most support we have ever received in helping his communication.

I just really wanted to say thank you to everyone at school, but especially to his class. We feel really lucky to be here!  Parent March 2023


Thank you for the opportunity to come to speak with the students from the school. I really enjoyed the day and come away empowered by the kids. They are brilliant and so enthusiastic, polite and inquisitive. Police Constable, Hertfordshire Constabulary (Work-Related Learning Week)


Thank you for aiding me in teaching hockey. I know it's not easy especially when we arm the children with sticks and hard balls.  The staff at this school are exceptional individuals, I don't say this lightly! I have witnessed all sorts of behaviours and the teams have always worked to keep everyone as happy and safe as can be. This is no easy undertaking, I say this as the SEN school I work in is a piece of cake in comparison!  The patience and positive attitude is inspiring in light of the challenges you face.  Hockey Specialist December 2022


We all had a wonderful visit, all the students reported back how they learned so much and how important it was to see theory in practice.  What a lovely atmosphere your school has, staff and children were so friendly and keen to talk to us! So valuable to see such good practice in action. University PGCE Course leader November 2022


Pupil has had the best time EVER at school, she’s fitted in and is part of a team unlike her previous school. I’m very grateful to you all for helping her. Thank you!  Parent October 2022


I just wanted to let you know that I visited St Luke's on Friday to see a student and I was struck by the high quality of teaching and enjoyment that I saw during my visit. The teacher in the class was so nurturing but also motivating in her learning style.  I just thought I would feed that back 😊 Principle Educational Psychologist, Autumn 2022.


Good evening, I just wanted to send you a little message as S is now 5 weeks into his new school and as a family we are all so amazed at the difference in him! As you probably know he had been in main stream …. 

He never wanted to go to school before - his self-esteem was pretty low and there were bullying issues.  In the last few weeks there has been a total change in him. He is so enthusiastic about his learning, this week  after dinner every evening he has sat down with a little book practising his hand writing … and so proud of himself as he can see how much his writing has come on, he also told us tonight that he feels part of his school  community (his words) he is sleeping so much better, he is like a different child. We are so grateful for all the  hard work you and the school are doing for him, there is a complete change in him after such a short period of time, I’m sure there will be bumps along the road but we are loving seeing him engaging in education and  thriving, thank you. Parents October 2022


"As parents, we are so proud of our son N. It is fantastic to see him being acknowledged for his reading achievements. He has come such a long way since joining Collett School. May we take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the school, for all your dedicated and tireless hard work whilst supporting N and other students"  Parents Summer 2022 


"For the first time since E started attending school, I am heading into consultation evening without feeling anxious or worried. Teachers and staff do such a brilliant job of keeping me informed. I am so grateful for the frequent, relevant feedback regarding both E's behaviour and her academic progress. It really helps me to reinforce learning and behavioural expectations while she is at home. I can't get over how much E's verbal communication has improved since she started at Collett. Her repertoire of play has expanded a tremendous amount. She used to do jigsaw puzzles and run around. Now, she plays with dolls, cars, play dough, her toy kitchen... She has the patience and "stamina" to play games, like Snakes and Ladders and Memory. She initiates school work- asking me to play with numicon, or offering to read to ME. There are so many skills E has picked up since she's joined you, but I am most impressed by her increased desire to be more independent. I recently shared with one of her teachers that her desire to be successful (given an independent task, like putting her socks on) overrides her need to get it done at top speed. She is more patient with herself, more resilient, and so very proud and confident. Essentially, what I'd like to say is thank you for the little miracles you bring to my child's life every day. She loves coming in each morning, and she is bubbling over with delight when I pick her up each day. You are all amazing." Parent Spring 2022


'I have watched M sit on the periphery most of her life. She has been happy and engaged but had never quite round her niche. St Luke's has been amazing. I have watched her fly in the last year. She is excelling and feeling awesome about herself. She no longer needs a one to one. She feels 'normal' and accepted. Her independence is growing and her future looks seriously bright. And the support during lock down has been amazing. For the first time in my daughters' life I feel less worried about her route through life. She has found her 'tribe' and it's a delight to watch. I can't praise the school enough.' Parent Autumn 2021


'I fell in love with the St Luke's. The children were all happy and confident in their surroundings, the staff are amazing they really care, and it's not just a job to them. I've never felt more confident in where I would like my daughter to attend, and I've visited a lot of schools but this far outshines' Prospective parent after an Open Morning visit.