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The Blue Tangerine Federation

Specialist & Special Educational Needs Schools

'Promoting the Abilities in Disability'

When considering a name for the federation of schools (The Collett School and St Luke's School) the term 'Blue Tangerine' seemed to capture the feel and ethos of our schools.  A 'Blue Tangerine' in Urban Dictionary Terms means 'Different in a good way and, indescribably beautiful!'  We celebrate our differences and are proud of who we are.  We enable our young people to develop the self-esteem and confidence to thrive on their embarkation to adulthood.

As a federation, we are ultimately focused on improving opportunities for our pupils by being better, together.  Our two foundation schools federated on 31st January 2019.

We innovate and look outwards, confident in our direction of travel and know what needs to be done.   Both schools are deemed by Ofsted as 'good' with 'outstanding' Personal Development.  We are determined to ensure our pupils know they have value and worth and see themselves as participants in our mainstream working world.  We promote their extraordinary skillets through participating in mainstream, adult activities like The Chelsea Flower Show, where our pupils won medals, judged on the same standards as the best garden designers in the world.  

We fundraise ferociously in order to support our staff, children and their families, which in turn brings us into contact with amazing people in business.  In turn, our own work-related learning is supported through others' expertise, which has led us to our plans to build a cafe and farm on-site for the young people in our federation, holding aspirations for a successful adulthood in the world of work.

Our schools' ethos and values are tangible. We value every child's abilities - supporting them to acquire relevant, meaningful and purposeful knowledge and skills. We work to enable the individual to be proud of their differences and special characteristics.  We look after ourselves, we look after each other, we look after the environment and we look after our learning. 

We hope the website gives you a good indication of what we are and our values.  We look forward to welcoming you at one of our schools soon!

Best wishes,

Stephen Hoult-Allen

Executive Headteacher