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About Us

'What is a 'Blue Tangerine'?

Urban Dictionary Definition:

"Different in a good way and, indescribably beautiful"

Hello - my name is Stephen Hoult-Allen and I have the great honour of being the Executive Headteacher of The Blue Tangerine Federation of Specialist and Special Educational Needs Schools.

Our schools are ultimately focused on improving possibilities for our pupils by being better, together.  By securing exceptionally skilled adults to lead relevant and purposeful curricula, teaching and support across our schools is improving our provision.  We work hard and have a passion for working to improve the lives of our vulnerable pupils.  We celebrate difference, innovate and look outwards. We are persistent in our lobbying for appropriate funding in order to provide specific SEND resources, further staff training and improve our infrastructure and fundraise ferociously to improve the schools for the children and young adults.

Our schools' ethos and values are tangible. We value every child's abilities - supporting them to acquire the knowledge and skills relevant for their childhood and transition to successful adulthood in our mainstream world.  We work to enable the individual to be proud of their difference and their special characteristics to create improved self-esteem in order that they thrive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our very special schools.

Stephen Hoult-Allen

Executive Headteacher,

The Blue Tangerine Federation of Specialist and Special Educational Needs Schools