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Meet the Team


Ms Rhea Dickman - Fundraising Manager (Full time)

When I joined the team in November 2018 I soon learned that no day is the same in the role of a fundraiser. The majority of my work includes – but is not limited to – writing fundraising applications, working with contractors to gather quotes and designs for all the projects, organising events and fundraisers and attending a range networking events. My favourite thing about my job is seeing the positive impact these projects have on our children.




Mary Ellis - PA to the Executive Headteacher

Marketing & Social Media

I joined St Luke's School in 2017 and became PA to our Executive Headteacher, Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen. In 2019 I took over the Marketing and Social Media for the federation.

I shall be working closely with the Rhea in the coming months promoting our wonderful schools and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our wonderful young people.


Mrs Gillian Lawton (Previous Head of Fundraising)

I first set up a pasting table outside my house, knocked on neighbours doors for contributions and then sold them back to them to raise money for the dogs for the blind aged 7.  So I guess it has always been in my blood!  After being made redundant 8 years ago I decided it was time to work in something I had a passion for and get a life/home balance, working part time.  That didn't last long.  The school became part of my family and all but took over my every waking moment!  I have been  proud to work with such inspiring, dedicated and talented people and hopefully help make some contribution to their ability to deliver what all our children deserve and need.