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Fundraising Team Interview about 2019-2020

Why Fundraise For Us?

Because you can help us change a vulnerable young person's life !

Our Charities' Aims

  • To fund specialist equipment and learning opportunities for children and young people 
  • To raise awareness of Special Education Needs, Complex Mental Health and Disability in the local, regional and national community
  • To develop partnerships which promote the social inclusion of pupils at our schools

'The Friends of' each school are registered charities and are committed to raising vital funds so that our young people can access essential resources.  

As state-funded schools committed to provide a nurturing space for children to grow educationally, emotionally, morally and socially we want our children to develop a deep understanding of themselves as an individual and a connected part of society. We want them to understand and value themselves and their unique offering, and grow an appreciation of learning and an engagement within education. 

To thrive and reach their full potential

Unfortunately our state funding only really covers our most valuable and expensive resource, our staff, and the baseline equipment and resources. We do not want funding limitations to stop the provision we know needs to be in place and is able to be integrated through our expert knowledge.

Our children are and want to be part of and contribute to the Community. We aim for our children to be as independent as possible and, for those that can, to have the opportunity to enter the world of work, be that paid or voluntarily. To have purpose and self worth.

Anyone can get involved and make an impact on children’s lives

Thank you for choosing to raise money for us.  Your support will help improve the lives of children and young people living with the challenges of developmental difficulties and learning disabilities.

Because of amazing supporters like you, our children can get the help they need to cope with their difficulties and condition; and parents and carers benefit from life changing strategies to help them improve their child’s life, both at home and school.

You are helping children and young people living with disabilities and developmental difficulties reach their potential.

You are giving hope for a brighter future.

Thank you.

  • Friends of Collett Charity Number: 1157000
  • Friends of St Luke's Charity Number: 1106427
  • Friends of Forest House Education Centre Charity Number: 1188699

The Charity Commission: Gov Uk