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Company Volunteering

We often have plenty of opportunities for local companies to volunteer at our school. We always have a range of tasks in which we need volunteers for including decorate our school or helping with the gardening work.

There are many reasons why companies volunteer:

  • To give something back.
  • To get satisfaction from the experience of helping children with disabilities and making a real difference to their lives.
  • To support the school with their own knowledge and experience - sharing great practices.
  • Building links with the local community.
  • Good for team building as it allows to spend quality time with colleagues outside the work place.

Here are some of the fantastic volunteers we have had over the past couple of years:

In November 2019, St Luke's had 10 volunteers from Jarvis who spent the week working in our lower school classrooms giving them a fantastic refurbishment. 

During Careers Week 2020, we held mock interviews with our pupils from Upper School. We have volunteers from Rayner Essex and Sherrards Solicitors who created our great interview panel. 

In March 2020, 20 volunteers from Softcat PLC came to St Luke's. They done a great job of decorating the corridors, reception and community room.

Contact Rhea Dickman on 01582 626727 or to volunteer at any of our schools.