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The Positive Impact of Fundraising 

Mental health and Special Educational Needs; these hidden disabilities often lead to inequality and in many instances prejudice.  Much of the negativity surrounding our children is due to a lack of understanding and, we tend to fear and avoid what we do not understand. 

Our children want to belong to the communities they exist in.  By offering an innovative and inspired education with an 'I can' attitude, we prepare our children for the mainstream world; increasing independence and resilience to celebrate their uniqueness and abilities.

Local Authority Funding is not enough to cover the needs of our schools and fundraising, in its many forms, has helped to bridge this gap as well as improve the children’s lives and engage our communities.

For many years, fundraising has been required, not for 'nice to haves' but for baseline necessities; supplementing class budgets for materials such as books and pens to replacing not-fit-for-purpose toilets.

There have been many exciting projects over the years, which we have always involved the children in and encouraged community support.

Fundraising comes in many guises, be that groups holding events such as coffee mornings or companies offering match funding or adopting us as their charity of the year. Our team organises numerous diverse fundraising activities such as Wing walking, Fire walking, on-line auctions and charity dinner dances. Applying to small and large grants, grant giving foundations and welcoming volunteer groups from many local and national companies. We are always very grateful for the enormous amount of work and goods we have been donated in kind.  Be it donating your old paperwork when you change your logo to offering to fix a plug it saves us money that we can redirect to the benefit of our awesome children.

By reaching out, we fulfil another aim of the charities and that is to build better understanding and links to the community. This is probably the most long-term, life changing opportunity for our children. This is the biggest door opener. By coming into the school and meeting our incredible individuals and seeing what they have to offer releases them from their bubble and aids integration. We do not want our children only to be tolerated but accepted and celebrated.

With the amazing support over the years we have managed to provide many desperately needed resources and facilities. Some have been very difficult to achieve as they are so very badly needed but do not appeal to many who understand funding a trampoline but not necessarily the equally important fixing of broken steps.

This is a list of a few of our achievements, but far from an exhaustive list, you will see how diverse our needs really are and continue to be!

  • Mobile café – transferable skills – going out into the community
  • Disabled access – our children can now walk or wheel into the front entrance of their own school!
  • New toilets
  • LED lighting – good for the environment, invaluable for our children’s sensory needs
  • Therapy equipment – invaluable and life changing please come and visit us to it in action
  • Resources for Maths, Literacy, Art, PE etc
  • Playground equipment
  • IT – essential for everyone these days but for our children a means of communication and a window to independence
  • Classrooms – yes, we have had to build, or own classrooms to accommodate the children!
  • Chairs, tables – we have a mismatch of donated furniture around the schools but it is a badge we wear proudly, it shows the community support and adds a real homely warmth, which enhances our children’s learning experience.
  • Play equipment and outdoor resources – for many of our children the school is their window on the world and many breakthroughs have been achieved whilst working and playing outside
  • Minibuses
  • Decorating and general maintenance
  • Medical room
  • Hiring skips
  • Storage containers – because all our cupboards have had to be used to create therapy rooms!
  • Cookers, washing machines, toasters, kettles – life skills and providing breakfast for those who arrive not having had any!
  • Mending broken windows, plugs and so much more
  • Servicing equipment

The list is endless and the opportunities to get involved and change a child’s life and future are limitless!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us so far!

Please contact if you would like to know more or could help in any way.